Wednesday, August 10, 2011


In my solitude I think of you

I think of places you’ve been

And people you’ve talked to…

I’d like to see through your eyes

In my solitude I Dream of you

I dream of your kisses

And the smell of your skin…

In my dreams they are divine

In my solitude I crave for you

Your breath still lingering on me like satin sheets

Your words still embedded in my mind like harps and violins

Playing every melodious note to mine own

In my solitude, I think

Where this will lead

Will it last?

Will it be enough?

Will I suffice?

In my solitude, I stop

Each thought, a breath of needles

Each dream, bricks of tears

Each question, a dagger…

My lips whisper your name


That you will never be

In my Solitude


  1. When I started reading, I could hear that poetry voice you use.

    And then towards the middle, i got the annoying british kid voice you use.

    So I stopped and read it out loud. Wonderful ode to your lovah, ms. belle. :)

  2. i dont know if you mean that figuratively or literally... so Im taking it figuratively.
    Ode shmode! I was thinking of... uh... a friend!