Monday, June 21, 2010

Going to the chapel and I'M gonna get married.

Waking up infront of the mirror. I saw myself in this white gown with ruffles and doilies and what have yous. I was still a bit groggy so i asked; "What's this Ma?" She answered with impatience "You're going to get married. It's about time!"

Hrm... of course this is just a dream. No, not the fantstical sense of the word, I mean literally.
I looked at my reflection in the mirror and winced. My hair was horrid and so was my eye make-up. If I were going to get married. I might as well look my best. I removed the make-up and got my magic liquid liner to do my usual winged eyelines.

I had to meet up my friend. I had to tell her something... so I dashed out wearing my wedding gown and albino python boots. I took my bike and pedalled away. (Bike. Ridiculous).

Anyways I pedalled all the way to the highway and found myself in the opposite direction of incoming trucks and buses. (I wonder who this friend is that I'd ride a bike to get to her in my wedding gown)

So anyways, I was afraid I'd get a ticket cus I was going the wrong way so I pulled over (with my bike) and asked a policeman who was sort of laughing at me... on account of me in a gown and riding a bike and all.

"Hey sir, can I just cross this road so I can get tot he right path?"
Policeman: "No, you have to go back where you came from and make the turn you're supposed to. Either that or brave the incoming traffic."

I asked another policeman.
"Sir, would it be alright if I just cross the road? That way is too far for me to pedal."
Policeman2: "Well there's another route if you want. You can take that road right there"
The man walked me to the road I was supposed to be in. But looking at it.. it wasn't a road at all.. it was a very steep staircase going downhill.

"But sir, I'm on a bike.. how am i supposed to take that road?" I retorted.
"Well, you can take the path he told you.. or you can pedal your bike down there... you have no other choice."

It would have been easy if I were an extreme cyclist. The stairs was not an easy ride. It had high steps.. about a foot from each other... I was afraid I'd just stumble and break my neck. The policemen were waiting for me to make a decision. I got off my bike then carried it down the stairs which felt like it would lead me straight to perdition.

Finally at the bottom of the stairs was a wet street. I ditched my bike and I saw my friend.. only I had no clue who my friend was. She had no face. But I knew she was a friend.(This is too much) She stared at me with curiosity. So i said nonchalantly; "Oh yeah.. I'm getting married. That's where we're going." (Wow.. I went through all that just to go to the wedding with my friend)

She asked; "Oh. Who you getting married to?"
And I said "No one. I'm getting married by myself. There's no groom. There's only me." (Nice. Is this dream full of symbols or what?!)

She got in the passenger seat and her fiend who I have not noticed until now got in the backseat holding a pillow I got from a friend's wedding. He was about to throw it out. I looked at him with an eyebrow raised.
Guy:"Hey is this yours?"
Me: "Yes." he put the pillow back in the car.
Guy:" Oh sorry. Who's car is this anyways?"
Me: "Mine."

All three of us were already in the car. My friend was in the passenger seat, me & the new guy were in the backseat. I looked in the empty driver's seat.. and lo and behold.. no one was going to drive us! Then I woke up.



  1. the live version of this dream was way better. i can still hear u telling me about it at may matching kamay kamay pa. hehe

    you changed URLs pala kaya i couldn't find your blog. sorry, super delayed na to.

  2. dreams are the best. I have incredibly weird ones myself. they make for great anecdotes. as long as they're not the scary type.