Saturday, April 25, 2009

Birthday Shmirthday Week!

I just had my Schmirthday last April 21st and though I originally planned to have a party, I decided that turning 29 isn't really a big deal. Shoot! Did I just write that here? Yeah... i just turned 29. Haaay... My mom planned for us to go to Ilocos, but as usual it didnt push through.

Anyways, on the eve of my b day, my family and I just went to my favorite reso-- Mario's at Tomas Morato. Of course I ordered my all-time fave Filet Mignon and and the flambeed desert mango jubilee! I was just playing with my 1-yr old nephew when I caught a glimpse of a banjo... I thought I was just thinking of Rainbow Connection again but then I saw a candle.... I was gonna run for it and duck for cover but it was too late for me. I was doomed to have the embarrassing birthday song. So yeah, I endured the 2-minute "remix" rendition of the B song and I stared at the complimentary birthday cake as my lonesome candle swayed erratically. Where the hell was the wind coming from? Oh yeah... I was breathing pretty heavy. I finally blew out the candle and told our server; "Just wrap it up thanks!"

When I got home, my bessy Jino texted me saying "Belle, salubungin natin birthday mo!" I was glad he texted cus I haven't seen him for ages! We went to Congo grill in hopes of a sip from my favorite Gilbey's premium Green Tea, but it wasnt avail so I settled fot a sub-zero San Mig Light! Oh yeah! (thanks jubey)

A lot of people greeted me even the ones I haven't seen or texted in a while. Thanks to friendster! hehe... it was a nice feeling to be remembered though just for a day. (mag-drama daw ba)

So yeah, on my birhtday proper (naks), we went to get a massage. I was reluctant at first because I was used to getting my massages at G-Spa but my sister wanted to try a place she's never tried before so we went to Wensha Spa. For 680php per head it's a pretty good price, considering a buffet/shabu-shabu is included. I loved the wet area the most cus its so spacious and the huge jacuzzi was so relaxing it's not even funny! It was a bit weird at first cus everyone was stark nekked! Yyyep! Nekked as the day they were born! I saw breasts chillaxing... just hanging out! Get it? get it? hehehe

Bathing suits and underwear were forbidden to be worn! I was like... "No way am I gonna dip in that jacuzzi with my cave ready to be devoured by foreign microbes! If I were to get a microbe, it will be by my own terms and pleasure!!!" hehehehe.... but yeah, the towel girl finally said that we could purchase disposable undies for 20php. Whew! Yep... its been a while since I got a good massage and man... that was one for the books!

The next day, me and my bessy went at the PCA (some club in manila) to work out. The trainer stretched me out like I was bubble gum... only without the elasticity. What the F?! I was cracking all over! I kept ooohing and aaahhing --- and not the good kind!
It seemed like I was gonna break like a fat twig any monument. But it was a good workout n
onetheless. Since all he had to do was sign for my lunch and session, I didnt have to pay for anything.

Then we called our two other bessys MJ and Loren so we could watch THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT! MJ was screaming like there was no tomorrow! Actually, we were all screaming in sync... MJ's was just the loudest. It's funny cus me and Loren would laugh out loud after screaming. (Kinda like when me and Nyl watched mirrors! He screamed.. I laughed! haha)

Oh! and there was a time when our chairs started vibrating and when Loren looked behind us, there was a G4M thing goin on! The guy on his knees pretended he was looking for something on the floor. (tee hee)

Then last thursday, my mum, sis, nephew and yaya went to Sulo hotel for a buffet dinner. Yeah, my mom just cant get enough of that place. Anyways, on our way home, I got sad cus my mom didn't let me go to Baler (a colleague wanted to go surfing). Yes I have to agree with some friends when they say that I am the dreaded 3-letter word. Not the songs or the so-called "style" ok.... just the mood swings and all. MDE is just fucked up.
So yeah, I tagged a long with a friend at the Meatshop 2 in katipunan just to level myself to normal again. I was pretty alright when I got home so that was good. N
o more Baler thoughts... until next time.

Yesterday, we went to G5 and my mum and sister just shopped a bit. I don't understand the affinity of women with luis vitton... I think is ugly and over priced. Oh well. I treated them at Ray & Pete's Texas Smoke 'Em for lunch and we had baby back ribs and key lime pie.... that was Delish!!! Worth every penny! After that I wanted to join some of my colleagues at a house party but my mom was being too much of a mom.

So yeah.. that's how I spent my not-so-event Shmirthday week.


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